All hail King Julian!
In his latest "Nameless" Podcast, Andy Nowicki discusses Julian Assange's latest brilliant check-mate move against the totalitarian, Cultural-Marxist, hyper-PC, corporate American Establishment: offering a job to the engineer recently fired by Google for daring to question the "diversity" hive mind.

Listen here:



    When the enemy colonize your land and your women’s wombs, it’s the end.

    Look what happened to natives of what is called ‘Latin America’. Spanish took the land and colonized native wombs to create mestizos who no longer identify with natives. Indigenous folks became land-colonized and womb-colonized.

    People worry about Brain Drain but not enough about Yield Field and Womb Doom.

    Look at the African men coming to force whites to yield the field and doom white wombs to make mulatto babies.

    Colonization of field and colonization of wombs. That will end the West.

    And globalists are promoting the New Ideal of Black Male and White Female.

    PC works in insidious ways.

    OVERTLY, it says race is just social construct and rejects racial differences. With such overt denial, it promotes the union of all races since they all ‘bleed red’. Why shouldn’t people come together since they are all the same under the skin?
    But COVERTLY, PC is totally racialist. It promotes interracism with sounds and images that suggest that blacks are the superior race. For fun, thrills, entertainment, and rapture, the modern man and woman are addicted to sports, pop music, TV, movies, and generally pornified culture, a world where the barrier between obscene and mainstream have vanished. Even Disney is pretty porny these days.
    And all the images and sounds say “white girl, go with superior negro with more rhythm, more speed, bigger genital, etc” and “white boy, worship the superior negro stud who really deserves white women while you should be a dorky beta-male cuck ‘progressive’.”

    So, we need to approach PC from two levels. We need to expose the discrepancy between its Overt Message and its Covert Message.

    Overt Message says “don’t judge people by color of skin” but Covert message says “do judge people by sound of their voice, power of their fist, rhythm of their booty, and size of their genitals, especially those factors favor blacks over whites in a world of junglized drives.”

    After all, there is no PC condemnation of ‘misogyny’ and ‘toxic male culture’ in rap, sports, and sex industry that are filled with Negroes(as hired guns and buns for Jewish vice industry overlords).

  2. While Assange has been a force for good recently, let us remember the part he played in the doxxing of the entire membership of the British National Party. He still has a long way to go to make up for that.